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    Scott Hogue

    This post may seem off topic, but if you get the message in the message you may find for you and your future it just may be more on topic than anything here, but will you read it through and “get it?”

    If you are like me, you learn things, think about things, have thoughts and revelations about things and then those things wind up on the back burner of your mind, pretty much forgotten. This week and my eye surgery reminded me of that. I had somethings moved from the back to the front burner.

    Eye Surgery and Internet Marketing

    If my eye surgeon, Dr. Ming Wang, isn’t the top eye surgeon in the world, I would say he has to be in the top five. Maybe three. Maybe, one.

    As you enter his office you soon realize, the man is obsessed. A great guy, funny and likable, but obsessed.

    The walls are covered with eye journals. He has these stations with screens around the waiting room that are sort of the eye channel for television and they teach you all about how the eye works and how diseases of the eye are treated.

    He has a soft drink and water cooler just in case you get thirsty. It is important to stay hydrated, you can’t test a really dry eye.

    When you enter the office you are assigned a coordinator, mine is named Skyler. Skyler takes me from room to room in the clinic, keeps up with my files, brings me something to drink in the examining room when the doctor is delayed, knows all my medications, knows the dates of my surgeries and appointments, calls me to remind me my appointment is in three days, helps me with paperwork and the finances, if I asked her the weather report I think she would give me the five day outlook without blinking. Dr. Wang has five coordinators.

    Dr. Wang’s office is on the 11th floor. That is no accident. The entire waiting room is glass on one side and people say it has the best view of Nashville available. There are youtube videos of people regaining their sight or seeing for the first time and looking out those windows.

    Dr. Wang has a degree from Harvard and one from MIT. He has a number of patents, created many of his own tools and methods, does testing for the FDA, has a charity called the EYE BALL where people come to dance and donate for surgery and treatment for the blind that can’t afford the best treatment in the world.

    After my last surgery Dr. Wang got to wondering about me after I left the surgical clinic and called me at 10:07 pm just to see how I was doing and to make sure I had all of my medication he ordered and understood how to take it. The first surgery he called my cellphone before I got home. Skyler is perfect and doesn’t make mistakes, she has never even failed to ask for my parking slip to validate my parking, but just in case she forgot something, Dr. Wang thought he would check. It made him feel better.

    There is this eye technician that does a lot of the testing, his name is Eric, he tells me he gets email instructions from Dr. Wang for the next day that are time stamped 1:30 am, 2:00 am, 1:40 am. he wonders when the man sleeps.

    There were 26 patients on his surgical schedule the day he operated on me last week. He takes little breaks to be fresh for each one. They must be micro-breaks.

    The man is obsessed. When you can’t see or are in danger of going blind, how much of an obsession do you want your eye doctor to have?

    Bob Proctor did some work with Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man and his guide to climb Mt. Everest. He said the first two things he noticed about the man was how big of a man he was and how big his obsession was.

    Michael Phillips, the banker and author of The Seven Laws Of Money wanted to be an artist when he was growing up. His mother took him to a world renown artist to see if he had any talent and a future in art. The great artist looked at the young man’s work and said to her, “How can I help you, what do you want to know?” The mother asked if her son had any talent and a future in art, the artist replied, “He has talent, many people do, the question is not does he have talent, but is he obsessed enough to do this eight hours a day?”

    Two things I remembered and even learned at a new level this week are:
    1. Anyone that ever did anything great had an obsession.
    2. If you want to succeed, you don’t give your clients what they paid for and satisfy them, you give them much more and amaze them.

    There is a big difference in thinking “I ought to be working on my online business” and thinking “I really out to take a break from my online business and get a bite to eat…but I can eat later.”

    Sean has thousands and thousands of articles up on line. He has hundreds of programs, kept spreadsheets on traffic, click throughs, cost per subscriber, purchases per subscriber, has thousands of recordings up and answers more emails than a service center in a third world country.

    The man is obsessed.

    Do you have an obsession?

    If you do feed it, if not, you had better find one.

    Scott Hogue CChH
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    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Tina Fletcher

    This is so true! Until you are obsessed you are just spinning your wheels, you will find obstacles not challenges, you will be frustrated not fascinated. Yes I realized I must be obsessed also and loving it 🙂

    All things Digital
    For Training
    For Services

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    Yes, I keep hearing that in order to make your clients/customers happy, you must “over-deliver”.
    To do that, you must have not only knowledge, but passion for what you teach.
    If you don’t believe in it, why would your customers?

    Thanks for the reminder and hope you are healing up from your eye surgery.

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    Bob Moore

    Especially in this business, obsession is key. I’ve read and heard many times that if it doesn’t hurt to give away whatever it is you’re giving away, then you’re not providing enough value.

    Over-deliver at every turn, and you’ll have no shortage of customers.

    I’m glad you’re recovering from your surgery.

    Unlock the key to earning thousands per day. Leads, sales, and profits await. Click here.

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    Norma Allen

    Love that story about the artist! It’s all about willingness and a commitment to doing the work.

    Norma Esler

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    Scott Hogue

    Follow Up

    I couldn’t stand it this morning, I had to call Skyler.

    Skyler I know you do this and the team does it all day and I guess it gets old, I don’t want to bother you, but I just wanted to call and tell you, I know it is a team and you have a big part and others that work with Dr. Wang too, but he nailed it. My eye started coming back on line Thanksgiving and last night I could see the detail on the moon. I can see the seams in the siding on my neighbors houses and read the for sale sign across the road. No halos, no unusual glare. I can see like I did thirty years ago. Clocks, license plates, from eight feet on I have it. I have a far eye to go with my near eye now like we wanted. Would you pass that on?

    Her reply: “Wow Scott, I am so happy, are you kidding bother me, we live for this! I try to work through problems for people all day and its Monday and we are starting all over again as people try to get in before Christmas and the end of the year and I get a good news call! I will take calls like this all day! That is wonderful! I am so happy!… Now we will see you the 11th for the second procedure on your right eye, if anything changes let me know, you have your medications and your list…..(She had my chart and went right back to being Skyler and I am laughing out loud.)

    Obsession! I think it is catching!


    Scott Hogue CChH
    Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Sean Mize

    Folks, I’m loving this discussion!

    Jennifer, you are spot on: you must want to overdeliver.

    And that gets us back to obsession . . .

    if you are not obsessed, it’s hard to overdeliver!

    When you are obsessed . . .overdelivery comes naturally.

    It’s almost like you can’t have one without the other.


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    Susan Parnaby

    Why is it that some words trigger memories? When I think of obsession I think of the times when I needed to get to work and had not tried to catch the bus because I had the offer of a lift. I then found my nerves on edge as the person who offered to give me a lift was so obsessed with washing their hands that they struggled to stop. I was thankful if they took less than 15 minutes. I was stuck if I had tried catching the bus I would have faced a torrent of verbal abuse that erupted out of their hurt feelings. If I didn’t there was a big risk that I would be late. I did try and get to the classroom to set the room up before the learners arrived so that helped create a bit of a buffer. Many times though it was touch and go if I would get there before the class started.

    There are definitely some things that you do not want to get obsessed with!

    God's Lily is "a voice for those frustrated by the slow progress towards a fair society where the needs of the weakest are met in a way that it strengthens them rather than weakens them further" . If that includes you then hop on over and have a look around. If you like what you see it would be a good idea to sign up to receive our blog broadcasts. Oh and you will get a couple of pdf files that explain the what and why behind the site when

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      Scott Hogue

      Of course there are unhealthy obsessions.

      There was a movie some years ago titled Magnificent Obsession where a playboy became a doctor and obsessed with helping people after an incident he felt he was to blame for.

      Helping others would be a good thing to be obsessed with, within reason.

      I often say about fanatical Christians, you can’t be too Christian, but you can be too fanatical…


      Scott Hogue CChH
      Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

      The thread on this group that explains it:

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      Bruce Hoag

      Words, songs, images, and other forms of input always trigger memories when there was a strong emotional experience that occurred simultaneously.

      There are some things that I try to avoid because those memories are so painful.

      I’m sure that you’ve had such experiences, too, Susan.

      Bruce Hoag PhD
      The Internet Marketing Psychologist
      The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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