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Tina Fletcher

Hi Jennifer, Yes you can definitely do a Paypal button a think the main question is are you looking for affiliates. Which from you message above is part of your goal.
So you have several options to get affiliates and then pay them you can use platforms like Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warrior Forum etc where they are the payment and processing platform as well as a way to connect with affiliates.
You can also create you own affiliate area using other online platforms such as and
Or you can use wordpress plugins such as and to name a few.

As you where looking for ready made affiliate then clickbank can be a good choice, not sure what you mean ‘little prom in the corner now’.

I am currently using on a ecommerce site that I have that I am about to hand over to one of my daughters (I did the website affiliate and social media setup and started getting sales for it and now she is taking it over)

I am about to but up a new product on clickbank (have used previously but not in the last 6 months) so I can tell you how that will go by Monday 🙂

I will update this more after I have done the set up on how to and pros and cons 🙂

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