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Susan Parnaby

I had look at Google Classroom and as a result, I realised that I could download the contacts on my android phone in csv format. These were addresses that had been imported from Facebook and Google+ I added them to a MailChimp account that has one working list that I have uploaded CSV files to.

I had already found 3 or 4 lists of old email addresses I had harvested. Most of them came from when people had been silly enough to send me a message and let me see the names of everyone else they had sent it to. I had all the email addresses of all the people on 2 courses I had taken plus a couple of people had sent the same message to 50+ people at once for a newsletter that were of interest to people who wear at least one of the same labels as my target audience. One of these was mixed in with the contents of my email address book from some time ago. I was amazed to find this resulted in 629 people being added to that list.

Once I added the addresses from my phone that list went up to 1159. I know that at least 2 people will not be able to read anything I send them as they have been promoted to glory. It is an old stone cold list although I know some people are still alive as they are related to me. I would be pleased with a response rate of 1%. It is on a separate account so that the high bounce and low open rates will not impact anything else.

My intention is to send a one-off invitation to visit my platform and sign up for the main list. No one has opted into the invitations only list so it has to be handled carefully. With a one of shot like this, they need to be sent to a welcoming place to encourage them to sign up. That is my next step.

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