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Elaine Guinn

As a writer, I find PLR from reputable sources to be very helpful, especially to spur ideas for content creation for my niche.

I particularly like some of the checklists, mindmaps, videos, slides, and royalty-free images from some PLR vendors. They are handy when I am under a publication deadline.

I also have been experimenting with re-purposing some of the material I’ve created and offering it to my list as PLR. As long as I give them the tools to effectively use it, they seem to love it… and are currently asking for more.

While I rewrite all of the PLR I buy to inject my own voice, add research and references and combine with other information of interest to my niche, I have no patience with PLR merchants who offer poorly written or out-of-date material. If the PLR is not high-quality, I’ll never use their products again. I stick to just a few PLR vendors that produce superior products.

Hope that helps.

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