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Bruce Hoag

We’re all afraid of one or more things.

And we should be.

Although our fears can get in the way, they can also protect us from harm.

You do ask an interesting, though common, question.

I’m going to answer it in a way that perhaps you’re not expecting.

I’ve learned that if there’s something that makes me feel anxious, and it’s legal, moral and ethical, and it’s consistent with something I’m trying to do in the business, then it’s probably something that I should do anyway.

And so, I turn into the wind so to speak, and force myself to do it.

The thing is that when we shy away from something that’s perfectly legitimate – that we know in our heart of hearts is the right thing to do – we teach our brain that this is something that should be avoided.

And in our minds, that thing gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

A good example is apologizing to someone.

The longer we put it off, the harder it gets.

Bruce Hoag PhD
The Internet Marketing Psychologist
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