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Julia Rotgers

In terms of watching the webinar, I prefer the on-demand version.
So I’d be more likely to subscribe if I knew it was available right then.

When I’m looking for a resource I want to dig in when I find it, not wait until next Thursday at 2pm when I’m in the middle of something else.

Knowing a webinar was recorded hasn’t prevented me from making a purchase.
Plus, I’m more likely to review it (or parts of it) more than once and sell myself on the idea.

This makes me a better customer in the long run.

I’m personally kind of resistant to the “you have until the end of the hour to order” and get it now because there won’t be a replay, too.

Deadlines and a level of scarcity are necessary but I think in many niches (and if you spend any time in Social Media) we see so much advertising that it’s easy to skip over something that makes you wait.

That being said – I’d say – don’t put off a webinar because your not ready to automate.

Set up a time and get people there before you worry about making an automated version.

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