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Remcy Mongrue

thank you I had an issue when i first started this membership with people becoming members that i did not know. This was last year
(It was happening constantly like everyday) and i thought my website was getting hacked, long story short i had to block the registration and activation pages.

I thought about what you said for some time leslie and i believe I have found a way to circumvent this
I have created a “secret Sign up” page where everyone can register.

Try this URl and see if this works

It should work I just tried it with a test email and it was successful.

Thank You soooooo much Leslie you just helped me move past a fear that I have had.

I apologize in advance to everyone who thinks I might be doing this to collect emails. I just wanted to avoid unblocking the registration pages so that problem does not happen again. Well the link is above and it works so if anyone is still interested you can use the link above and register at your pace. Thanks again Leslie

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