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Bruce Hoag

I use WordPress with the Beaver Builder theme and plugin.

That’s the result of trying a lot of things.

I took a weekend course at a university to learn some basic HTML way back when.

Eventually found Dreamweaver. Remember them?

Then moved to WordPress. Tried a lot of themes.

Here’s something you should know.

I struggle with all the techy stuff.

I probably know enough CSS to wreck a site. LOL

The thing about Beaver Builder is that you can make a site that doesn’t look like it’s in WordPress.

Have you noticed? WordPress sites all look pretty much alike.

The tech support at BB is great, too.

I used OptimizePress for a couple of years, but they had a habit of upgrading their theme without updating their training.

And when I contacted tech support, it took longer and longer to get a decent reply. Sometimes it would take several messages for them to tell me what I needed to know.

A whole week would go by before I could solve something.

Bottom line is that if you’re comfortable with CSS and JavaScript, then you don’t have to be so choosy; but if the technical stuff is a challenge, then go with WP and BB.

Bruce Hoag PhD
The Internet Marketing Psychologist
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