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Leslie Leftley

Hi Joe,

A lot of wisdom on this thread.

On a purely biological and physiological basis, not having fear would place us as humans in dire jeopardy.

Fear is intrinsic within the oldest part of our brains..our “Cave Dweller” brains, so to speak, and essentially is there to keep us alive, by telling us NOT to do anything foolhardy.

But this fear element in our brains also holds us back, unnecessarily, by keeping us within our own cozy little comfort zones. This is the problem that most of humanity has these days. Luckily most of us don’t have to run for our lives from man eating beasts anymore.

In our online ventures it can be the fear of appearing on video, or even “just” launching your first website. These smaller fears are false fears that we need to look deep into ourselves, and root out. For example: We must tell ourselves that publishing an online information product that fails, will not kill us, but provide valuable experience and feedback for our next attempt.

Only a few musings, off the top of my head, of course. But within everyday life there are thousands of “illogical” fears (spiders, dogs, flying etc etc). And only by meeting these activities head on, having a go, and then repeating the process again, and again, and again can we learn to overcome such illogical fears. The more you face down these fear laden impostors, the more you will grow and the bigger your comfort zone becomes:)

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