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Leslie Leftley

Hi Joe, Claire and all,

Yes I tried FB adds a few years back and lost around £500. Does not seem a lot, to many people, I know, but I put many hours of work into the ad placement. The offer at the end (not mine) was amazing. The free material that was being given away was also amazing and worthy of a genuine $97 price tag.

I managed to grow a list of around 125, but only made a handful of sales of the tripwire offer, that was only $10. The list dwindled over time and I threw good money after bad.

It turns out I wasn’t targetting precisely enough within FB. Since that time FB has improved what you can do with targetting even more. But they have also tightened up a lot of their own rules about third party ads.

But I shall say this… unless you are an experienced advertiser with a large budget to test out things and burn through, all of which you can afford to lose then I would not touch FB with the proverbial barge pole.

You don’t own the platform, they are constantly changing their algorithms, and they are steadily increasing ad costs (And it is always more expensive running up to Christmas).

Now there are always courses out there teaching loopholes that FB “currently” allows. Well a loophole is no basis for any serious business.

Facebook could be utilised to good effect for research purposes, such as favourable demographics etc etc…but first and foremost it is a SOCIAL PLATFORM and all the old, and most current, trainings in where to place ads are a load of BULL because most people have just developed ad blindness.

Lastly…Of course there are success stories, but frankly they are minuscule when placed alongside the mammoth waste of ad spend by the majority which only resulting in losses and negative ROI.

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