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Scott Hogue

This is long and rambling, if you don’t like long and rambling, then this is your cue to pass…

You open yourself up to criticism and nay-sayers when you make your goals public, but I am not concerned about that like I used to be.

I am going to lay it out there, with a little explanation.
I feel I have to explain it a little or people will just think I am conceited or have a ridiculous opinion of what I can do or even that I worship money.

I am going to tell you things I haven’t told my wife.

Before anyone throws stones, let me preface this by asking you that are reading this a question…
How many people do you want to help in this world? One? A hundred? Just enough to pay the bills?

My grandfather said, “Money can do a lot of good in the hands of a good person. There is never enough good done, so there is never enough money.”-Truman Hogue

I have heard him say it a hundred times. He died in 1984 and I can still hear him say it.

That belief and mindset drove him to wealth and enabled him to help a lot of people, a lot of people.

One day I told him I wanted to be that good person he talked about, the person he was.

What do I want from this group, community, project?
I don’t want to just take, I want to give too, but since you asked.

I want to learn how to help more people, a lot more people.
I want the satisfaction of knowing I did.
I want my retirement, including family, Africa and World projects funded from what I do with what I learn.
I want to be exposed to like minded people that by daily association keep me interested, active and focused on my goals.
I want a source of information and help that I can turn to when I am stuck.
I want to learn from people that are succeeding so I don’t waste too much time reinventing the wheel.

I want to make a million dollar a year internet product/coaching business.
That may not be within your ability to believe, but it is within mine.

When I lost my job twenty years ago I started my own business and I sold over $300,000 in candy, potato chips, cookies, crackers and food out of a two car garage the first year. Not all profit, but not bad. My own mother had said, Scott you are crazy thinking you are going to feed your family selling cookies, do you think you are the Girl Scouts? The next year I was the Keebler food distributor for middle Tennessee and I was making more than enough just off the cookies to feed my family.

I have paid off well over a half million dollars in debt since then. After the first half million, I don’t count it like I used to.

I have had one wife die and of no fault of her own leave me with crushing medical debts, a drunk driver hit my current wife and my daughter nearly killing them, my wife now won’t have another pain free day in her life short of a miracle, after a year she got to where she could walk some. After plastic surgery, a lot of counseling and our help with her going back to school for a career in medicine, the daughter is doing well, but still needs help with the children, especially the girl with medical problems. I actually think all of my daughter’s medical treatment and the help she got made her want to work in medicine to help others. I have a granddaughter born with birth defects. I started six orphanage centers in Africa and they still count on me and no matter what I try I can’t find anyone that says they want to take that responsibility off my hands. I have a great nephew that has Down’s syndrome and I want him to have everything he needs.

I could go on all day, but no one would want to read it.

I have to dream big. Little dreams won’t pay the bills around here.

If you aim for the stars, you may not reach them, but you won’t come back with a handful of mud.

What if it takes five years? That beats never.

What if I never get past a half a million a year?
Beats just paying the light bill.

I know a woman that had two children and a run away husband. She once struggled to pay the bills, now she is a millionaire.

She said, “Once your obsession is as big as your goal you can have it.”

I am working on my obsession and looking for people that want to work together on theirs with me and let Sean shine us a light to walk by.

I was looking for something that would do what this community can do when I read the offer. If that isn’t providence it sure is convenient.

You asked what do I want from this community, I want this community to be the launching pad for a million dollar a year business.

With the number of people here, why not a number of million dollar a year businesses?

Scott Hogue CChH

Scott Hogue CChH
Follow me in the "Use What You Learn Challenge" as I create a website using what I learn from Sean that is a Platform for my niche:

The thread on this group that explains it:

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