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Julia Rotgers

While I think it’s true that there is a fair share of scammers out there…
In my opinion the true Gurus do not lie to you.

Nor are they trying to deliberately deceive you.

No one can be all things to one person.
Many times it’s that ONE golden nugget you learn that will move you forward.

Think of what you know now and how many people you learned things from.

You did not develop your craft, more than likely, by learning from one source.

So It is with following a Guru.

I think that many times we feel duped because we jumped in before we were ready.
Thinking we could apply an advanced strategy when we hadn’t mastered the basics.

Getting honest about where you really are in your development is humbling but necessary if you want to make speedy progress.

Once you accurately evaluate where you are in your development, the next steps becomes much clearer.

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