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Susan Parnaby

After handcoding 2 or 3 sites I was really thankful to find WordPress. So much easier. I can do in a few hours what it used to take me a week to do. I still use some of the html and css I learnt at that time. Trying to do things like add a contact form was very hard now it can take a few minutes even with adding a plug in to do the work.

Finding the right theme for you is trial and error. There again fashions change and you can keep up with them more easily using a separate theme.

About a year ago I stumbled across someone doing a webinar on building sites using a plug in page builder by site origin. This is a plug in that uses a freeium model. I can do all I want to do with the free version. Their are a variety of page builder plug ins within the wordpress repository. It took me a litle while to be as comfortable using them as the demonstrator on the webinar but it has expanded the range of things I can do substantially. You never know it might not be long before WordPress includes some form of pagebuilder as part of its standard functionality.

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