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Any Romance Novel Lovers in this Group?

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    Kristin VanTilburg

    I just published my first romance novel, and am looking for reviewers. I will send a free pdf in exchange for a fair review. Please email me at if interested! Thanks in advance!

    Here is a brief description:

    If you are looking for a romance novel that follows the formula boy meets girl, boy and girl hate each other or are unable to be together, boy and girl go through a challenge and fall in love, boy and girl face something terrible, and then they live happily-ever-after, DO NOT read this book.

    This book is a LOVE STORY that reveals the parallel journeys of a woman devastated by her husband’s betrayal and a man tortured by the loss of his beautiful wife and their tiny son.

    You will accompany them as new perceptions heal and transform. Their experiences of insights and empowerment will inspire you with takeaway life-altering insights. The result is a deeply satisfying and nourishing read that will leave you thinking about your own personal LOVE STORY in a completely different way.

    At twenty-eight, Molly Patterson thought she was living the life of her dreams: a wonderful husband, teaching twenty-two adorable five-year-olds in her Kindergarten class, and a fabulous condo in the East Village. She had everything she ever wanted until one glimpse into the Russian Tea Room changed everything.

    Molly’s perfect existence was instantly shattered, her faith and trust destroyed. But it was bound to happen. She had known all along she wasn’t good enough for Brendan.

    Just when all hope for her future seemed lost forever, a series of encounters with her future self transforms Molly’s perspective on life and love. Molly is battered and bruised by deceptive truths, and circumstances outside her control, struggling to believe there is hope for the future. Can Molly’s future self teach her how to find the courage and strength to open her heart and trust again?

    Kristin van Tilburg
    Stressed out? Overwhelmed?
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    Don Sturgill

    Romance is a hot, hot, hot genre, Kristin. When you share that description, though, tell folks where they can buy your book too. Many hate pdf’s but love their Kindles.

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