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    Richad Golko

    This program caters to people who just want to sell to make money; no messing with anything but closing and making money. Free training is provided as part of the package; 3 entry levels depending on how many leads you want each month. Check it out.

    I help local and small business owners generate more sales. To do this I use LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, AdWords PPC and Mobile Marketing. I guarantee results. If you are interested in training to become a local lead generation salesperson with a quick path to $10,000 per month, visit Weekly workshops included.
    Visit for more opportunities to get connected with your target audience.

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    Doria Musaga

    Great sales copy.

    Engaging copy and to the point. But then you have lots of experience.

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    Leslie Leftley


    MLM Is simple too and this appears to be very close to that business model. Except the cost of your offer is a lot higher.

    Too rich for my blood. And, don’t forget, there are consulting firms out there (UK and US) that will look after any clients you personally recruit and who need online business help. And they wont charge you they will thank you for the business. Of course you have to find these consultancies, but that is not difficult.

    You have to get the leads yourself but that is about getting out into your local business community. Talking to propel and growing confidence in making short presentations. Growing yourself in this way will give you a betting grounding than acting as a mere agent. i am sure you have training scripts and tips as all MLM does, but you are either cut out for it or you are not. The consultancy simply provides agents with leads thy don’t have the time or inclination to convert to sales. And some of those leads, in my experience are not exactly hot…more cool or tepid.

    So correct me if I am wrong but the consultancy can be summed up as a lead factory, with a nice little earner on the side via the subscription. not saying it’s wrong I just think its outdated. People (agents) burn out too quickly and you continually need more. Of course you will have few star performers but then again so has Amway.

    These All done for you “One stop” solutions look good on paper and the sales pitch is slick, but its a lot harder converting leads than people think.

    If I did the providing of leads to your consultancy, why would I pay you $97 per month for the privilege. Is there an alternative model to the one you offer within your consultancy, whereby I provided the leads and you looked after their online business problems?

    If you don’t have an alternative business model, then you simply you end up with a continuous churn of people working from obvious scripts, all of which the business owner has heard, variations of, before. No this is too much like MLM for me sorry. You are playing on the virtual push button approach, with just a bare minimum of effort, and they never work.

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