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    Kristin VanTilburg

    I just published my first novel! Yay!
    Any suggestions of good places to market a novel?

    Kristin van Tilburg
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    Don Sturgill

    Amazon, Kristin. Do you have a mailing list?

    Good for you!

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    Bruce Hoag

    If you haven’t published it in Kindle, then that’s the first place to start.

    You want to do it the right way, however.

    I haven’t tried this myself yet, but here’s a good video on how to go about it. The guy that does the training is a bestselling Amazon author, and he explains exactly how to do it.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
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    Jan Sandhouse Hurst

    Kristin, congrats! Looks like you should connect with women’s book clubs. I’d start on Facebook–post links every day with quotes, tips, etc., then ask people to share the post. Make sure to include a link to your book on Amazon. Post quotes on Pinterest that can be shared. Offer to do a “virtual author” event with book clubs via facebook live or youtube live, then promote those. Offer a bonus to everyone who posts a review on Amazon by a certain date–or limit it to the first 30 (or however many you want) people to post a review AND connect with you. If they do that, then you are building raving fans, so you want to nurture them for your next book.

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    Don Sturgill

    Great tips, Jan. Careful about providing anything in return for reviews, though. That can get your butt in a cast, not a sling.

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    Jan Sandhouse Hurst

    Don, that’s true. It is a sticky wicket. Better to call it “feedback” and leave it up to people where they post it initially. You can always suggest later that they leave it on Amazon after you have delivered the bonus if they don’t make that connection themselves.

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    Suzanne Sukhram

    Congrats, Kristin!

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    Bruce Hoag

    Many congratulations, Kristin.

    Having written a book myself, I know that it’s quite an accomplishment.

    Take a few days off to clear your head, and then start promoting it.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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    Leslie Leftley

    Hi Kristen,

    Great stuff and congratulations. You are in a tiny minority of people on the planet that can legitimately call yourself a book author.

    Next stage is Publication but you can even Promote and Market before that happens. And yes Kindle is probably your best option to start. it is the biggest online publishing platform, for authors, by far.

    There are numerous courses on Kindle publishing and marketing. But only a few are excellent, so do your due diligence and take care who you listen to. I am also on the list of several people who have successfully published and sold on Kindle. If you like reach out to me and I will put you in contact with a lady who really know her stuff.

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    Dana Cassell

    Be sure you include the title and a link to a sales page on every email signature and every social media profile. Even better, offer a free excerpt on a separate landing page, collecting emails so you can email them the sample file – then include the “free sample or chapter” in your email sigs, website/blog pages, and social media profiles.

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    Steve Allen

    Congrats Kristen. HUGE accomplishment! Celebrate your victory and THEN move into the promotion. Previous posts have some great recommendations and I agree with them all. Kindle is definitely the place to start and it’ll grow from there. For Kindle there’s a top Kindle publisher that I’ve learned a lot from named Shahine Dehestani. Here’s a quick video he did about Kindle publishing if you’re interested.

    If you're looking for a someone to bounce things off of in the IM world, I'm your guy and I really would love to help you out. Helping others is just who I am!

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