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    Jori Macarthy

    How can I impact the most women in the US and Internationally by starting them up in businesses and empowerment?

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    I think that is one awesome goal, Jori! I also would like to empower as many women around the world as possible. I think it starts with us empowering ourselves and developing our own business. Let’s do it together! And let’s go big.

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    Melody Jackson

    Hi Jori,

    One of the most important things is to focus in on a specific area/niche/topic that you want to help women in. What you’ve listed is a huge wide open field, so I would start by homing in a particular type of business you want to help women with.

    I have a business on my list for the future called Experts on a Mission, for example, and that will focus on solopreneurs in the healing arts — could be coaches, book authors, teachers and speakers who do something related to personal developing and any other kind of healing and health.

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    Leslie Leftley

    Hi Jori,

    That is certainly a mammoth task you have set yourself. So why not chunk it down into smaller portions? You don’t have to give up on your bigger and ultimate goal. And if, in the end, you don’t manage to change the lives of every woman you could certainly be an important influencer of thousands and then millions of your gender.

    Only a suggestion… but why not start with women in your own age group and similar circumstances, Facebook is great for getting raw numbers of those demographics with yearnings to be in business.

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    Bruce Hoag

    I think it was Kevin Kline, founder of Wired, who said recently that all you need is 1000 raving fans.

    A raving fan is someone who will buy everything that you create.

    With 1000 of them, they will take care of helping you to influence the number of people that you want to.

    So concentrate on getting that number first.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
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    Julia Rotgers

    Hi Jori,

    Great question!

    I would say figure out how to help one.
    How can you impact one woman? Then change her life.

    The momentum will build when you focus on how you can help one.
    Then you help one more and one more….

    Before you know it, you’ve impacted women around the world.

    But if you focus on changing the world first the “bigness” of it might stop you from ever getting started.

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    Bruce Hoag

    I was listening to Tim Ferriss today, and suddenly realized that I’d mentioned the wrong name in my post.

    It’s Kevin Kelly, not Kevin Kline.

    Apologies for the confusion. 😉

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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