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    Leslie Leftley

    Hi Madhushan,

    Firstly is the free download (Fiverr training) PLR? Nothing wrong with that, but have you made it your own, or just offering it up exactly as you got it.

    Secondly, is your very grandiose offer of a total Internet training course, for only $7 also PLR? And again have you put your own spin on it. Considerable changes usually have to be made to PLR. There structure is very useful, but you must make it your own offer in your own words.

    Your free download came as complete surprise. Fiverr plus arbitrage is not really congruent with your main offer of total Internet Marketing Mastery. You don’t even tell your potential customers what the free download is about. The giveaway must be congruent with the main offer. That’s just Internet Marketing 101, and I am certainly not a top expert.

    To date I have watched the intro video and video 2 of the Fiverr training. It is simple to understand but I would not say it was step-by step. There are several rather yawning gaps and I would not describe it as anything more than a broad outline on Fiverr arbitrage.

    The pitfalls are only mentioned briefly and then dismissed with advice such as “If it feels wrong, it probably is a scam”. Do your research, find the top 4 or 5 ways scams are used on Craigslist. Google is your friend here. Then advise your customers.

    Asking for payment first is wise, but scamming on Craigslist works both ways. There is a compromise method utilizing PayPal invoices, which makes you look way more professional and not some sleaze bag promising the earth, and then disappearing in a puff of smoke. Clients are cautious too and you may have to meet them halfway, Especially when you are just starting out and may not have a website or portfolio of completed projects/examples to show them. That last point leads me nicely onto a rather gaping hole in the methodology offered by the video…

    …You helpfully provide us with the 3 main categories in which to make money using arbitrage as a newbie. Well if you already know that, then surely you seek out the experts on Fiverr FIRST…before even looking for a Craigslist gig. Then if you get a gig you know who to approach with the work. And you make sure you have a backup Fiverr gig, in case your number one choice is too busy. You would seem very foolish agreeing to complete a job with a 24 hour turnaround and finding you can’t get it done unless you pay a premium t rate well above the $5 to get it done on time.

    Prior to all of that you should always ensure you know exactly what the craigslist gig requires. They can be very inprecise, and if you don’t pin them down as to precisely what they want, you will find yourself going back and forth reworking gigs. That cost will be your time and a dwindling ROI figure, not to mention the tested patience of your Fiverr contact.

    To be honest I could spend half an hour going into all of the problems with video 2, but I shall stop here.

    If you would like more advice, I can go into greater depth, but I can’t really see a future in the Fiverr giveaway. You need a total overhaul of your lead magnet. Tell the subscriber what you are offering, make it congruent with your paid offer. And if you say it is step by step, please make it so.

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    Bruce Hoag

    Madhushan, you need to change the name/heading of your landing page to something that has meaning for Google.

    Instead of calling it Landing Page, name it something like “Earn $50 a Day!”

    More often than not, I “right-click” on links. That way I can be sure of keeping the original page I was looking at.

    I rely on the page name in the tab to help me find what I want, which is another reason why you need to name your page something meaningful.

    That name is for the benefit of those who visit it and search for it.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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