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    Troy Steine

    Hi Everyone,

    Again feel very fortunate to be part of this growing group of dedicated entrepreneurs. I’m curious how everyone has decided upon their selected niche (if you have) and what was the process that worked best for you to discover that? For myself, it came out of direct experience in helping businesses grow their sales, although it was something I couldn’t see or focus towards for quite some time. It seems that the more people I speak with about this, the more the topic of ” discovering your market niche ” is a very challenging one indeed. Best Regards, Troy

    Troy S.

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    Tina Fletcher

    Hi Troy I agree this is sometimes the part that totally stops you 🙂 so I think you should do as Sean recommends find a problem and solve it (may not have the exact wording).

    For example for you wanting to help business grow their sales what did you find was their problem? … it’s not just lack of sales. It maybe lack for brand continuity, not reach customer etc.

    For me I realized that I didn’t want to help people build their website I want to take away the frustration and overwhelm that comes from not being able to get your message out as you are not seen as the professional person you are. That people are not taking your business as a real business not just a ‘online’ business. So my aim is to elevate this problem for them. 🙂

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    Bruce Hoag

    I mentioned this in another place, but it’s relevant to do it here, too.

    My interests are very wide, but looking back over life I realized that I kept coming back to writing.

    It’s what I love to do.

    It’s one reason why I reply to so many people in this forum.

    I know that I’m helping each one.

    Ask yourself this: What one thing keeps pulling me back? What do I keep wanting to do?

    Ponder that for a few days.

    If you still don’t have an answer, then PM me, and I’ll give you an exercise.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
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