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    Sean Mize

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    Don Sturgill

    How to use this and the generate traffic thread? Should we reply with ideas? Report progress?

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    Bryan Wakefield

    As I gear up a new project for 2018 which combines all of my on-line training with opening a new off-line business I am planning to utilize daily email as a central focus of my marketing.

    I am wondering if anyone that is currently doing an email a day has thought of (or is actually doing) turning that daily email into a daily YT video as well? If you are doing this then what have been the results?

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      Suzanne Sukhram


      I think a daily email would be great if you can do it. I’ve heard that one of the things about YouTube is consistency, so before you commit, you may want be sure you can keep up. If not, maybe you could pick one or two days that you will do a video for, and stick to those days.

      I agree with Don re doing video. Although I love video, I don’t always feel like doing what I feel I need to, to look good enough on camera (as judged by me).

      I’d say go for it, and keep us posted on how it works for you!

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      Robert Mason


      I am using one message each day, presenting it as a post on my blog, and on Facebook, as well as a video on YouTube.
      Time will tell if I can keep it up every day!

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    Sean Mize

    this was designed as a sample (or test) thread . . . you can comment, offer advice, or ask questions here . . .

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    Don Sturgill

    Sean has taught on leveraging the email across multiple platforms, Bryan. Your email can also be a blog post, an mp3, a YouTube, a sales letter … get the most bang from it all. IF YouTube is part of your strategy, that’s perfect. I like mp3 best … that means I don’t have to do the talking head routine or come up with a slide show to make it YouTube presentable. Also, check Sean’s training on YouTube platform building.

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    James Dudley

    Bryan a daily video a day is great if you can keep up that pace. When it comes to yt, just about any pace will do though. Building a yt channel with lots of good content will build your brand and make you look credible, which can only add to your business long term.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yeah, there’s nothing like video to communicate your message! I really love Sean’s use of mp3s, though… Sean, for me, your voice has been so key in the communication of your teachings. This is not exactly along the line of “email marketing,” but I am still trying to decide whether to stay cheaper with Zoom or go with Teleseminar like you, Sean. You get mp3s either way and Zoom provides phone numbers to make it convenient for people to call in. But delivery with Teleseminar is so automatic, isn’t it?

    ♥ Coach Claire

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    Sean Mize


    I love your thoughts about consistency . .. better to post once a week every week than every day for a week then none at all!


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      Suzanne Sukhram

      Thanks, Sean.

      I post from experience. I am still working on getting consistent with my blog posts.

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    Jan Sandhouse Hurst

    Each week I’m creating a Linkedin article, then creating a YouTube PPT video and using the article as the transcript, using the YouTube video as a FB live broadcast using Xsplit broadcaster, with an infographic to post on Pinterest. It’s easy to tweet the links with share software. This system gives me a week of content that I can post daily, but only takes a fraction of the time to create. If you want to see it in action, you can follow this page:

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      Mark Rhodes

      Way to go! What a system to leverage and repurpose your content.

      Are you getting much engagement on LinkedIn? I just noticed that they apparently don’t show article views anymore.

      All About Health And Healing

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    Consistency is definitely something that I need to work on, at least in the way that all of you are talking about it. I tend to “go with the flow,” always allowing myself to follow my intuition and go with my feelings. However, planned consistency has to be the secret to building a rock solid successful business. Doing the same thing every single day to build something that you believe in.

    ♥ Coach Claire

    Discover the joy in every situation...

    FREE full reading of your choice - for members only!

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    Sean Mize

    It’s kind of like your morning routine at home.

    Get up,

    Start coffeepot

    go to the bathroom

    get a cup of coffee

    read the depressing news

    greet the family

    take a shower

    brush your teeth

    notice you do each everyday, no matter what, and you never miss your coffee, brushing your teeth etc.

    It’s because it’s habit.

    Make a habit of your daily online work.

    Just like I did this morning.

    You can even use preneurpal to start your morning work, and use it to break old patterns:

    It sets off a new pattern.

    Instead of news, social medial, email, then whatever else till you are stuck in an old routine –

    what if your first hour looked like this:

    go to preneurpal

    answer 5 questions

    use those questions to get ideas to write your blog post

    write your blog post

    share it on preneurpal (there will be a place for that soon, but for now, share it in this forum)

    record your blog post as an audio

    post it somewhere online (any ideas??)

    send an email to your list with your blog post and the audio

    by now, you might have a question to ask here.

    Ask it.

    Then the next thing to do is to do ONE BIG THING in your business for the day.

    Write a sales page.

    Record an hour training.

    Promote your squeeze page.


    Do your big thing.

    Notice there’s no social media, email, or anything else in here that’s not pure business.

    So . . AFTER your new morning routine


    you THEN can play in social media, email, etc

    How does this sound for productivity?


    Do you want to learn how to start a coaching program that stabilizes your income and changes lives? If so, visit


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    Suzanne Sukhram


    I like the idea of using this forum to break bad habits. Right now I am not using social media much – trying to stay far away from it.

    I guess my big thing is I am not a morning person, so to get awake and going it takes me a while, and then since I homeschool, that is how I spend the morning. So my productive part of the day is either late afternoon or at night. I’m thinking maybe I could flip flop your idea to make it work better for me?

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    Susan Parnaby

    Most weeks I have 3 rocks that I need to position things around ie. Tuesday afternoon, Thursday evening and Friday morning. I would really struggle to fit all that lot in before I go out on Friday morning. Some Fridays it is a struggle just to get washed and dressed in time to go out. Fitting everything else in before hand would mean a 3 am start and I am not up to that very often.

    It does not help in that I do better if I batch things together. So a week or two doing videos or a week or two writing course notes. I find it so much easier to concentrate on one task through out the entire day and just go for it non-stop.


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    Elaine Guinn


    I,too, do not like social media. I’d rather pick up the phone… but I’m 72 and sort of old school.

    I finally learned how to text because my son in FL is hard of hearing and never answers his cell phone. But… he will answer my text messages.

    I like Sean’s idea about re-purposing your answers to questions on this site and posting them to a blog or in an email. Brilliant!

    Am going to rethink my morning routine.


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    Bruce Hoag

    I’m interested to know how all of you write emails in a vacuum.

    By that I mean, if there’s hardly anyone on your list, it means that you probably won’t get any feedback.

    So that means that you have to come up with a topic on your own.

    For me, that’s not usually a problem.

    The challenge comes from the continuity of the ideas that are presented in the email sequence.

    By the time you have 30-40 messages in your sequence, it’s a little tough to remember what you’ve written about.

    How do y’all cope with that?

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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    Malik Ahmad

    I usually do one email and video a day. The video is just me reading the email.

    Some people prefer to read, while others prefer to watch videos.

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