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    Norma Allen

    Wow! Very nice, Malik. Great looking pages. Nice pictures of you looking both friendly and authoritative.

    The email I received right away contained this link:

    Thank You – Here is your download

    The “from” tag said it was from Cheryl at crackerjack consulting though. Is that from you? Should that say your name instead?

    Or am I just looking at the wrong email? I haven’t received anything that has your name on it.

    Norma Esler

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    Malik Ahmad

    Norma, Thanks for letting me know about that I will check into it.

    Thanks again!

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    Leslie Leftley

    Hi Malik,

    Is it you and your team behind this? If so massive kudos to you for getting something out there.

    If they are your products, or you have some exclusive right deal, can you give us some idea of the success you have had using the various methods recommended by this bundled set of courses.

    We don’t need exact figures, just things like it took me “x” amount of months/years to get to a regular 4 figures or 5 figures a month.

    If this is PLR (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that by the way) you have acquired then well done for taking action.

    However, with all that said: The sales letter is far too similar to the majority of those I see in my inbox each day.

    How will you get this noticed over any other online money making products? (Except within the captive audience of PreneurPal and most members, unfortunately, wont see it from my experience of this group)

    Where is your unique positioning?

    Why are these courses any better than the hundreds of similar offers out there in the $17 to $97 range?

    Why should I buy from you and not a more recognized name online?

    If this is PLR do you use it yourself, or have you at least tested its viability?

    You are aiming at newbies as well as more experienced sellers so is it step by step?

    Just a few points for you to ponder, but at least you are taking action.

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    Leslie Leftley

    hi again Malik,

    I submitted my email details for the free download, but I didn’t receive anything in my inbox…or spam folder. So you might want to check that out. I used my regular AOL account when providing my email address.

    So I, very cheekily, clicked on Norma’s link and hot an MP 3 file which I will have listen to, or at least part listen to, to see if I can glean anything useful, to me, from it.

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