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    Malik Ahmad

    I am thankful for being off work today and being surrounded by the people I care about!

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    Julia Rotgers

    As we in the US celebrate Thanksgiving I’m reminded of how much we have, no matter where we are.

    It’s all too easy to look at your life and see what you don’t have, what other people have gained and feel like you’ve been left behind.

    I was listening to one of my favorite trainers the other day and his advice was to lower the bar to gratitude.

    I’ve been guilty of looking around and see what is missing rather than see the great abundance I have, how about you?

    A roof over your head
    Blankets on your bed
    Family and friends
    The sun that comes up every morning
    Weather and being able to feel it on your skin
    Your pets
    Your clothes
    Your phone
    The computers(s)
    A place to put things away (storage)

    And then, as I think of the joy on the faces of the men, women and children in other countries and the stories I hear from the missionaries I can’t help but think of how ungrateful we can become as our lives are filled with MUCH MORE than the basics.

    We have;
    Clean water
    Roads that are more than dust and bumps
    More than one car in the village
    “Real” solid homes with all the modern conveniences
    Schools for our children

    I’ve told a story of a time in my life that I had only a roll of dimes, an old ratty car and a roof over my head left to my name.
    But I had SO much more!

    I knew how to work hard and was not afraid to ask for something to do and get paid for it.
    I had a reputation for being reliable so people were not afraid to take a chance on me
    And most of all…
    I knew deep down inside that it would all be good – eventually. It always was.

    The toughest of times seem to only be a part of the cycle of things.

    And while it might not be the thing that we’d have wished for, it could just be the thing that gives you the strength to do bigger things in the future.

    So as you celebrate being thankful for family, friends and food keep in mind there are 1000’s of things in your life you take for granted.

    If, for a day or two, you’ll notice those things and send them a little gratitude, I believe you’ll find your life flooded with things to be grateful for.

    And nothing empowers you like Gratitude.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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    Tina Fletcher

    I am from Australia and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I will say HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!

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    Dana Cassell

    In addition to the usual family and friends, I’m thankful for so many opportunities to meet people from around the world and learn new things and build a business in this crazy web world – which, I guess, makes me thankful for the overwhelm I sometimes grouse about 🙂

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    Bruce Hoag

    I miss the times when I could celebrate Thanksgiving with others.

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    I spent the day away from the computer and with my beloved family.

    Now that the kids are getting older and starting to scatter, the times I can just spend time with them all at once are precious and make holidays like Thanksgiving even more meaningful.

    Hope everyone had a great day, whether you celebrate the holiday or not.

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    Bob Moore

    I am thankful for my best friend, my wife. She is my rock and my foundation. She has never once been critical of my journey to make a living online.

    It’s funny, but she and I had this conversation a couple days ago. We ALL have issues/conflicts to deal with. . .maybe not every day, but we all have bumps in the road. How you handle those bumps is the true test of character. She will never be critical of what I want to accomplish.

    It’s all good for me, because I know I have someone in my corner supporting me.

    Life is good, and it’s only going to get better.

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