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Hell is freezing over!

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    Kristin VanTilburg

    Okay, friends. In case you haven’t heard, 16 inches of snow fell in the Sahara Desert on Sunday. Meaning no disrespect to the folks who live there, it sounds suspiciously close to the idea of “hell freezing over”. If that’s the case, anything, and I mean ANYTHING can happen this year.

    So take a stand for an impossible goal with me, and open to receive miracles…like snow in the Sahara Desert! If you want to see for yourself, google it. I was going to provide a link to a video, but there was so much advertising on the page that it didn’t seem like the right thing to do, and of course, the photos are all copyrighted. But you can see for yourself. It really did happen.

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    Bruce Hoag

    Here’s a link to the story: Snow falls in the Sahara desert for third time in 40 years

    One way to deal with all the ads is to install a couple of extensions. This tip is for Chrome.

    One is called AdBlocker and the other is AdBlocker Plus.

    You will get sites that generate a pop-up window to tell you to turn them off. Usually, you can just close the pop-up and carry on as before.

    You’ll get the occasional site where this isn’t possible. Forbes is one, I think, and Business Insider. For them, just open an incognito window and paste in the URL. You’ll see the ads, but only for that site. It won’t change anything in your normal browser window.

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    Steve Allen

    Great job on being able to see a ‘hook’ in everyday news and creating a headline (subject line) that uses curiousity. We all know that curiosity is a huge human incentive but few use it effectively. You’ve done an outstanding job in using it here…and then in transitioning it into something you want to say to your ‘market’. Well done!

    If you're looking for a someone to bounce things off of in the IM world, I'm your guy and I really would love to help you out. Helping others is just who I am!

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