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    Steve Allen

    I have been making my full time living in the IM niche for almost a decade now from the beautiful Rockies in Montana. While I’m not where I’d like to be financially I have learned a lot and know the ‘game’ well enough to be a sounding board for anyone needing help. I have two blogs that I am in the process of revamping for various reasons… one at and one at

    From my decades of being a pastor and college teacher (with side business ventures in construction and land development) I love connecting with and helping people. I look forward to forging some great relationships in this Community.

    If you're looking for a someone to bounce things off of in the IM world, I'm your guy and I really would love to help you out. Helping others is just who I am!

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    Bruce Hoag

    Nice to meet you, Steve.

    My parents took us to Glacier National Park when I was in my teens.

    The clue is in the name, though.

    Must be pretty cold. 😉

    Bruce Hoag PhD
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    Norma Allen

    Hi Steve. You’re the guy with the great last name, right?

    Montana sounds just lovely! I’ve never seen the Rockies but hope to travel that way some day.

    All the best!

    Norma Esler

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    Bob Moore

    Hi Steve,

    You’re fortunate to be from such a beautiful state. I was there about ten years ago and absolutely loved it. Of course, I was there during the summer. January or February may have been a different story.

    It’s funny, but I’m in an opposite situation. Being from Arizona, people say the same thing about May through October here. Those are the brutal months.

    I’m looking forward to further interaction with you and other members of this awesome site that Sean has put together.

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      Bruce Hoag

      I just spent a little over a week with friends who live near Phoenix, Bob.

      I loved it.

      Nearly got dehydrated one day without realizing it, but I know how to prevent it next time.

      AZ is where I’d like to live.

      If it gets too hot, and I know that there are many days where temps are 115-120, then there’s the mountains or even England. 😉

      Bruce Hoag PhD
      The Internet Marketing Psychologist
      The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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    Malik Ahmad

    Nice to meet you.I look forward to bouncing ideas off of you and getting tips from your blog. Thanks for your contributions.

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    Tina Fletcher

    Hi Steve, I am from Brisbane in Australia and have not travel much in the States so I haven’t been to Beautiful Montana, but hope to get there one day. 🙂 I look forward to connecting more with you also!

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    Leslie Leftley

    Hi Steve,

    Firstly, apologies for not getting around to this thread earlier.

    Welcome and thank you for making such a generous offer to help those who may need it in the future.

    It certainly looks as if your knowledge will be invaluable to this group.

    Don’t they call Montana “The Big Sky country”. It must be beautiful up there. But my knowledge is confined to natural history programs and Westerner shown on British TV as I am in little old England.

    I have only been to The States once, many years ago at the opposite end of the country, in Texas, with a British army unit.

    I do hope to return one day, though and I like the idea of visiting the more remote areas of the US rather than just the big cities, or Florida, where most Brits end up…lol

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