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    Gregory Bey


    Marketing Offline for Online Success

    Greetings Everyone:

    In this issue, let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

    In the last twenty years Internet marketing has been all the rage.

    In fact many small online marketers never consider marketing offline…

    This is a huge mistake because Many of these online marketers are leaving a lot of money on the table.

    What many online marketers don’t understand is that the Internet is simpley another marketing tool.

    Now days, you hear the term, “Online Business” what does this term mean?

    If you own a retail clothing store, and you advertise online does that make your store an online business? (the everything store) selles just about anything you can name from their web site. Does that make them an online business?

    They still need wearhouses to stock their products and employees to fill and deliver the products that customers order from their web site.

    It seems to me that the Internet is the main means that is used to market their products.

    However, Amazon and other large companies use Radio, Television, print magazines, print news papers and even post cards to market their businesses.

    So once again, the Internet is a marketing tool for these gigantic businesses to drive traffic to a web site and to get the word out about their businesses…

    Now I know large operations like Amazon have massive marketing budgets to advertise their businesses but my point is, they don’t confine their marketing efforts to the Internet.

    Let’s take a look at some offline marketing tools that can be used by small online marketers.

    postcards are a form of direct mail, but it warrants its own category. Postcards are cheaper to produce and mail than full-blown direct mail packages or sales letters, and they are great for generating leads. Like classified ads, a free report or free gift often works well here. Postcards are also a great way to stay in touch with your customers and prospects, and they also work well as part of a sequence of mailings.

    Over the years I have found that placing classified ads in print publications has worked very well for me in building a list.

    Since i provide information on the home business niche, I placed my classified ads in business opportunity magazines.

    However, since the coming of the Internet most of these business opportunity publications have gone out of business…

    Although most of these opportunity magazines have gone out of business, the few that are still in business still offer a great way to build your list and even make direct sales if you can afford to place a full page ad in some of these print publications.

    Here’s a source I have been using for years to place my classified ads in print publications, you can visit:

    Randy Wolf has been in business for many years and is a great source for fresh mailing lists and ad placement in national magazines and news papers.

    I use a very simple system to get leads to send my offers to

    I use a generic ad something like:

    “Can Any of Those Money Making Opportunities Really Work for You?”

    This ad allows me to target the prospect who has tried a business opportunitythat didn’t work for them.

    However, they are still looking for some way to make extra money from home.

    The wording of my ad makes many of the readers curious enough to call my voice mail box to see what my ad is all about.

    Once they hear my recorded message and leave their name and address to receive my free information, they become a subscriber to my list.

    I can also use my voice mail message to send them to a web site.

    I can also give them the option to leave their phone number if they like.

    In my experience, most callers will leave their phone number. When they do this, I am pretty sure I have an interested prospect.

    When a prospect leaves their phone number, this gives me the opportunity to begin to form a personal relationship with them.

    I’m sure you may have heard the term, “The Money is in the List.”

    However I have learned through experience and testing that, “the money is in the Relationship with the list.”

    If your customer or subscriber looks at you as being a friend who they can rely on and they can call on for advice when they need honest answers to their questions, you are beginning to build a long lasting relationship with them.

    When I place an ad in a publication or send out a sales letter, I always include my phone number.

    When people call my number with questions about my offer, I know I have a serious prospect and I can take advantage of the opportunity to build a relationship with them.

    So, in closing, if you have any questions about online, offline marketing, home based business or work at home job opportunities, you can give me a call at: 1-412 244-0448.

    Also, here’s an opportunity that I recommend to my marketing friends and subscribers, you can go here to take a look:

    Until next time, Happy Marketing

    Greg Bey

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    Malik Ahmad

    I have considered doing some offline marketing,but I get so busy in the online world that going offline does not seem possible at this time.

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