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Seeking Feedback on my Core 4 Daily plan please

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    Julie Ruiz


    First, I am not a guru, so I need to learn my stuff!

    Core 4 says
    1. Daily Content Creation
    2. Communicate with my group
    3. Development of sales and coaching products
    4. Tell people about my solution

    The details of my plan are as follows:

    Spend the next 30 days learning my niche.

    I will start writing content on Tuesday December 26th. This will give me 10 days of solid studying.

    Daily Tasks until January 29th

    2 hours – Read books and ebooks on my topic.
    Take notes
    Keep a list of website resources
    Notate what the author deemed important. Troublesome.
    Compare table of contents.
    How does the organization work?
    Keep track of what I liked and didn’t like and why.
    Notate possible sub topics

    30 mins – write something. Anything. Just get into the habit.

    1-2 hours – Study YouTube Videos
    Are they outdated
    What makes a good/bad video
    How is the info being presented? Power point? Screen shots? Is person in the video or just their voice?
    What are commenters saying? Ideas for solutions & sub topics?
    How recent was the last comment?
    Who is my YouTube competition?

    1-2 hours – Study GoDaddy’s documentation (I plan to do this for multiple hosting sites)
    Learn their dashboard and how to navigate.
    What can I learn from their documentation
    what’s missing from their documentation
    what are people asking in the forums. Answer if I can. Use for solutions and sub topics

    1-2 hours – Study WordPress’ documentation
    figure out a way to actually explain what WordPress is so peoples’ brain don’t explode
    What can I use to compare WordPress to & make it more approachable to non techies
    Study the forums to discover what issues people have. Answer if I can. Use for solutions & sub topics
    Learn the dashboard

    1 hour – Facebook
    I actually have to learn Facebook. I don’t use it at all in my daily life. While I have an account, my last post was in 2009. Even though this is a possible goal for down the road, I feel like I need to explore now, how to use, and how to find groups and people who are interested in my subject. I also see it as a way to begin to establish myself as an expert by answering people’s questions.

    10-30 mins – 10 x 10 matrix until it’s complete

    1-2 hours – Sean’s Training

    30 mins – help others on Sean’s site

    Congratulate myself for a very productive day!

    Anything I have missed I need to focus on at this stage?

    Thanks for reading,

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    Sean Mize


    Wow! YOU’ve done an amazing job in a short time!

    That looks like a great plan to begin!

    And I trust you are really going to like tomorrow’s live training as well!


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    Malik Ahmad

    You seem to have a very good grasp on the material.

    Good luck!!

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    Leslie Leftley

    Hi Julie,

    If you can keep that schedule up for a month or two, until it becomes a habit, you will be, I am sure, well on your way to building the foundations of something very special.

    Great plan..Now go make it happen.

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    Norma Allen

    Free Planner to Track Your Work, etc.

    Julie, it looks like you’ve put together a great plan!

    Did you get your free planner yet? I am offering My Inspired Year Weekly Planner 2018 to everyone here as a thank you. It covers goal setting and creating new habits, and has check boxes for your daily tasks, like those you’ve outlined.

    Download here.

    Wishing you all the best for 2018!

    Norma Esler

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    Yvonne A Jones

    Fantastic job, Julie! I like how specific you are in each area, and
    absolutely loved how you included congratulating yourself.

    Too often we forget to reward ourselves or praise ourselves for a job
    done well. It’s a need we all have, and since we are our own boss, we
    have to do it for ourselves.

    This is a great reminder for me as well. Thank you.


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    Bruce Hoag

    It looks like a great plan except for one thing. There’s no flexibility.

    With dogged determination you’ll push through for awhile, but you need to be prepared for the time when you flame out, or life gets in the way.

    That’s the problem with schedules. We all overestimate what we can do in the short-term.

    I’m not telling you this to discourage you. I hope that you can do all this for as long as it takes to get the proficiency that you want. I just know from my own experience that you can be fully committed right up to the day when you realize that you can’t keep up the pace.

    So build in some R & R. Plan to have energy in reserve at the end of each day.

    Take a complete rest from what you’re doing for a whole day each week.

    Make sure that you get some vigorous exercise often, good sleep every night, and eat what you need to be at the top of your game.

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    Sean Mize


    I applaud you for being so aggressive!

    When you first get started, there’s a place for going all-in, and working really hard, then over time you apply 80-20 to the work you are doing and find out what’s most effective, so you can scale back some on the least productive work (which you won’t discover until you are “in it”)


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    Steve Allen

    Hi Julie,
    Just want to encourage you in your Core 4 plan. It is people like you who make a plan AND STICK WITH IT who succeed.
    Have you been able to stick with your plan so you can learn your niche?
    Have you been able to congratulate yourself with any successful days since you started.
    Your plan is fairly aggressive but it will yield you great results if you can make it happen.
    Between your reading and studying on your plan, you should know your market better than 99% by the time your first month is over… and THAT makes YOU the expert so you can coach/teach others.
    Just wanted to encourage you to stick to your guns and make it happen.

    If you're looking for a someone to bounce things off of in the IM world, I'm your guy and I really would love to help you out. Helping others is just who I am!

    To Change Your Life Forever check out me out at

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    Jan Sandhouse Hurst

    Julie, if we had a LIKE button, you’d get my vote! I don’t know if this will help, but the single most important thing I did was find a mentor to help me when I got stuck, and to keep me accountable. I’m sure you can find several in this group. Good luck!

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    Sean Mize


    now I feel compelled to ask . . how is this working for you?


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