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    Don Sturgill

    How to go about deciding where you’re going to hang your hat.

    Often heard advice is “Choose something you love.”

    In my case, I’m fascinated by just about everything.

    How about “Choose something you’re good at.”

    I’ve a lifetime of business experience: writing, copywriting, SEO, marketing, sales, book publication … AND a lifetime of life experience: I can catch fish, play basketball, lift weights, wrestle, shoot, mow lawns … and I enjoy it all.

    What advice do you have for someone who does a ton of things for others, but can’t seem to do one thing for himself?

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    Tina Fletcher

    Oh Don I so get you I am in the same boat as you so I am not sure if I can offer advise but I can say I am trying to do more for myself and so everyday I aim to do one thing that will give “me” value I treat myself as if I am a client and see if I have help my client that do to achieve their goal.
    As for selecting a niche how about working backwards from where you want to be to now. For example I want to be able to in 5 years time be working with xx people and solving this problem with them! No much but a start 🙂

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    Bruce Hoag

    I’ve been where you are, Don.

    It’s largely why I am where I am.

    At one time I had more than 2000 books. I had to use the first two levels of the Dewey Decimal System to find my way around them. LOL

    I studied piano, organ, composition, business, organizational psychology – which itself includes a dozen or so disciplines – public administration, marketing . . .

    The thing is that life isn’t long enough to pursue everything that interests us.

    And so we have to look for avenues which will enable us to engage in some of them.

    Writing, as you’ve probably discovered already, is one way.

    A question for you.

    When you write about topics you love, is there one that stands out from the rest?

    Or, like me, do you find that it’s the writing itself that keeps drawing you?

    I have a little exercise that I’d like you to try; but first, tell me your answers to the questions I’ve posed.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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    Don Sturgill

    I enjoy the research and learning more than the writing, Bruce. I’ve been writing for a living so long it’s become a chore. How sad is that…

    Good idea, Tina. Thank you.

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    Julia Rotgers

    There are a couple of exercises that might be helpful to you, Don, if you want to give them a try.

    One is the be-do-have model that allows you to get to the person you need to BE in order to reach your goal.

    Here’s a brief overview;

    While not directly related to choosing a niche, I believe that any time you can get clear on what you really want, the direction will reveal itself.

    Once it does the hard part of staying on the same track begins.

    The other exercise is the 7 levels of why.

    Again, not choosing a niche directly but a very powerful tool to get clarity about what drives you at a deep level.

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