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    Yvonne A Jones

    Do you find that you are constantly waiting? Waiting until you understand everything?
    Waiting until the right moment? Putting off launching your program because someone else
    just did something like what you had in mind?

    I was that person several years ago after coming online. In fact, just recently I had
    a brainstorming session with one of my accountability partners about a training I was
    going to create. That night I could not believe my eyes! Someone else launched a training
    with almost the word-for-word title. Nine years ago I would have been devastated.

    My attitude now is, “The people who want to learn from me are there. And the content will be
    different and so will be the delivery.” I’ve certainly not perfected all the mindset issues;
    it always a work in progress.

    What are you allowing to hold you back from moving forward? Remember, whether you come to an
    amber light or a red light and have to slow down or stop, you can go again. As long as you’re
    moving towards your goals, you’re on the right track.

    Sending much love.


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    Julia Rotgers

    Very well said. When you look around and see people doing something similar it can cause you to put on the brakes.
    It has done that to me before.

    I try to remember that my ideal client is so much like me.
    We run in the same circles.
    We’re learning from the same folks.
    Reading the same books, articles, etc.

    It’s only natural that someone else would get a similar idea.

    And it will never be delivered the same from them as it is from YOU.

    What comes from inside is filtered through your own life experiences and you have things to share that no one else can do in just the same way.

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    Steve Allen

    Very good post…something we all need to remember. What you’ve said would be like a motivational speaker or a preacher deciding not to deliver his/her message because someone else just did something similar. Nobody EVER is the same. We are all totally different people, with different things to say and from a completely different perspective and we all have a completely different audience. So…NEVER let someone else doing something similar to what you want to say stop you from saying it.
    Great reminder…thanks.

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    Sean Mize


    what a great approach!

    you are so right . . . there are people who need your message . . but if they don’t hear it, they don’t know you can solve it.

    And when your message is honed to exactly who you can help – and you get it out there – you ATTRACT those kinds of folks who need what you have . .

    And so right on the waiting . . sometimes we are waiting for something to happen TO us . . when it’s time to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN!

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