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    Susan Parnaby

    I thought today would not be so bad. I played house yesterday and today I played computer. Before I got up I wrote out a draft page and thought it would be a simple job just typing it in.

    I started typing and then realised I had a tangle of my own making to unravel on MailChimp. That took a while. This time I wrote up a document to remind myself what I had done and why. I had an old account that had an email address of mine that I had stopped using at least 4 years ago. The physical address was 2 years out of date. There was just a load of fiddly things like that to check and update.

    The last import on the MailChimp account that I kept for stone coal harvested emails was rejected. Omnivore did not like it. That seemed to take ages to undo. It was a google contacts export and not very MailChimp friendly.

    Same with the delivery side of things. Thankfully that was not in so much of a tangle but it needed attention. Again another file was written up as I went along in the hope of making it easier to use next time.

    The day started with 1 task that should have taken less than an hour growing into about 10 hours and still being not quite done. I kept on finding things that needed attention that stopped me completing the job in hand and doing those.

    Its nearly midnight and I am giving up. I have just counted the list of things that things that need to be done to fully complete today’s task. It comes to 17. I only started with one this small task this morning that mushroomed.Definitely not a pretty day more like an ugly one.

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    Bruce Hoag

    You’re in good company, Susan.

    Any time I have a technical issue, this is what my days look like.

    Everything seems to be predicated on everything else.

    My dad had a saying: “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get!”

    Some days are like that.

    If you’re not technically savvy, then I’d abandon MailChimp. I’m not, and that’s why I left them after less than a month.

    MailerLite is a lot simpler, and there are others.

    Willie’s question about expensive autoresponders has a lot of discussion of various alternatives.

    You might get some ideas in there.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
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    Norma Allen

    Hi Susan,

    I’m so sorry you had such a frustrating day. I hope tomorrow is better!

    Norma Esler

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    Malik Ahmad

    That sounds like a typical day for me.

    I start focusing on one thing that I have to get done in the time I have allotted, and then when I look up I have about 20 browser windows open.

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    Steve Allen

    Sean’s suggestion to read the book ONE THING changed how I do things. Now I don’t have a list of 20 things but just 1 to make me feel like I accomplished something worth while. And it is amazing when you do things that way how often the one thing gets done and you can move on to something else that would probably be tomorrow’s one thing and you feel great instead of defeated. I love it. Just a thought.

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