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What Works Best for You to get new subscribers

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    Steve Allen

    Obviously, without an optin page and an autoresponder nothing in the online business works right. BUT what are some of the different ways some of you get subscribers to your optin page?
    I’ve used numerous methods, all of which have different quality of visitors but I’m very interested what has worked best for YOU?

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    Bob Moore

    I’ve tried using Facebook ads, but I haven’t had great success. To be fair, I probably am not as well versed in that arena as I should be. Honestly, the one method that has been best for me would be solo ads.

    Do your due diligence here, however, as the industry has suffered a black eye of late. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure you know where your clicks are coming from.

    Solo Ads Testimonials is a Facebook group that is a good place to start. Vendors are rated based on the experience of the buyers. It’s a good resource for finding reputable sellers.

    Obviously, most would prefer free traffic, but it tends to be a lot slower. Besides, there’s always a cost involved, whether that’s your cash or your time.

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    Tina Fletcher

    List Building – I usually use a free product on a squeeze page and then an autoresponder series to upsell. Depending on the product I may send them straight to the paid product on the download page or after download page. I use solo ads to get more subscribers.

    Facebook and Social Media – I was using Facebook but I am not at the moment as it’s not giving good results so am doing some testing to see if I can improve this. Boosting post still is getting subscribers and then I follow up with email campaign. Also about to use Instagram shout outs to see if this will work.
    Hope this helps 🙂

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