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Why don't members check their profiles for information when they log in?

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    Leslie Leftley

    Hi All,

    Around a week ago I asked a similar question about Friend Requests. I stated that I would cancel any friend requests I had made if there was no response. Some of these friend requests had been outstanding since the inception of PreneurPal.

    I have now had to cancel friends requests I sent to six members. Three have not logged in for over 2 months, so I am not particularly worried about those. But three of the six members had logged in within the last few days!

    You may “say so what Les…Just get on with it”.

    And that is exactly what I intend to do. I’m no longer going to waste my time trying to make contacts, or help inform people about how to make deeper contact within PreneurPal for both mutual benefit and the benefit of all.

    I am a long way behind many people within the group, as far as getting any business set up. Consequently I need to concentrate on myself more.

    I will still try to help where I can for the very few members who show interest. But I am no longer prepared to offer feedback for members who, for example, post business propositions and then abandon the group for several weeks, even after I leave feedback. We can all be selfish but that takes the biscuit.

    And if you can’t be bothered to login after 3 months then if I were you I’d ask myself what did I join for?

    And… if you take offence, for the sake of Preneurpal and what it stands for, do something constructive about it.

    If you can’t do something constructive, but still take offence, then guess what? I don’t give a damn.

    Rant over.

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    Julia Rotgers

    I just thought I’d add my 2 cents.

    I had ignored the friend requests for a time because the friend and group functionality was not in place.
    I’ve responded to a few requests but I think that it really does not serve much of a purpose at this time.

    As far as member login, I check regularly to see if there is a topic I can help on or if I have a question.

    You can pop in and check the “Ask Anything” forum without being logged in.
    In that case, it would not show in the recent member logins.

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    Leslie Leftley

    Hi Julia,

    It’s weird but sometimes I am already logged into PreneurPal even after logging out.

    Interesting to know about not having to be logged into PreneurPal to check the Ask Anything section. Although I still don’t think their would be more than a handful of people doing that. If they were that interested they would login and have a look around, at least once a week.

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