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    June Silva

    where can i find the best info for setting up a wordpress blog/website and making it secure

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    Sean Mize

    June, I personally use wpengine for my host, and they keep the installation itself secure.

    But there are many things you can do to keep from uploading plugins that breach security, and I’m going to leave this for someone more expert than I in that.

    And also, setting up wordpress . .. I’m guessing there are a few wordpress experts here who will give you some great advice!


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    Norma Allen

    Hi, June. It seems no site is totally immune from hacking these days, but keeping your WordPress installation and your plugins up to date will go a long way. Always ensure you’re running the newest version of all the software.

    You used to need to update WordPress manually, but now it happens automatically, so that helps. Just go into the plugin area of your dashboard to keep that updated, too.

    WordPress also comes with a password generator that will rate the security of your passwords. Choosing complex passwords helps to secure your site.

    I have been working with WordPress for years and love it. So versatile and powerful!

    Norma Esler

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    Bruce Hoag

    What would you like to know, June?

    I’ve set up WordPress sites before and look after three of them on a regular basis.

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    Tina Fletcher

    I have set up 100’s of WordPress websites over the years and I agree keeping in updated is very important. With your plugin things to look for when you are deciding to use them are:
    – When were they last updated, because if old they may not be compatible or secure
    – Active Installation and Rating, you are looking for a lot of people using it and a good rating
    The security one I am using is there are heaps out there but am happy with this one.

    No sure what else you would like to know, ask away as I am happy to give more information and details 🙂

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    Don Sturgill

    Get a quality theme package from a safe provider. I use StudioPress.

    Definitely keep updates current and use a security plugin. I use Wordfence.

    StudioPress themes come with excellent support and training.

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