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dream your big membership

Lesson 1: How to Create a Quick Membership or Product

Starting in lesson 2, I teach you from scratch how to find the Big Need in your niche, how to innovate so you create something powerful the world really needs, and how to leverage it to help hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people . . But if you already know how you are going…

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Lesson 2: The Disruption in Your Niche Intro

In the first lesson, I shared with you the quick membership model, and that’s generally used by folks who already have a big idea, you already know how you can change the world. And so you can build it out fast. But most folks, although the have an idea of how they can impact the…

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Lesson 6: How to Brainstorm a Disruptive Innovation in Your Niche

In order for your membership to go viral, it needs to be something that disrupts your market, or is so compelling that folks want to share it . . . So imagine what would happen if you added a disruptive innovation to your membership . . . Here’s how: How to Brainstorm a Disruptive Innovation…

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Lesson 7: How to Innovate Your Million Person Business

Now that you have a membership in place, perhaps you are thinking scale . . how can you scale your business and membership to a higher level? You’ll likely need to add a platform to your membership . . .and I give you ideas and explain it in this training: How to Innovate Your Million…

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