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Lesson 2: The Disruption in Your Niche Intro

In the first lesson, I shared with you the quick membership model, and that’s generally used by folks who already have a big idea, you already know how you can change the world.

And so you can build it out fast.

But most folks, although the have an idea of how they can impact the world, they haven’t really figured out their own personal big impact that will make it possible to build a BIG MEMBERSHIP that changes hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of lives . . .

So in the course of this set of lessons, I’ll build a foundation for you on which you can build your dream membership . . I’ll help you determine what the Big Need is in your niche NOW, how to leverage that to huge success and changing many, many lives!

Let’s get started!

I teach you the roots of that here, and in future lessons, I plan to show you how to IMPLEMENT this next level!

To your success,


Lesson 1: How to Create a Quick Membership or Product
Lesson 3: The Disruption in Your Niche Training
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