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Lesson 4: How to Find a Big Problem So You Can Scale Your Membership Big

How to Find a Problem that Affects a Lot of People (AKA Big Problem) So You Can Scale Your Membership Big

Here’s the thing, no matter how big YOUR dream is for building a BIG membership . . . no matter how many members you put on your whiteboard or dream board . . .

The ONLY way you get the members is if you are solving some problem in a way that makes them really want to get the solution from YOU instead of someone else.

If you are just solving the same old problem 1000 other people are solving, with no new angle, with no new solution, you better be a much better marketer than the other 1000 . . .

But wait! they’ve all been studying to be really good marketers just like you!

So . . . in order to grow really BIG, you need to find a BIG problem . . .

And in this training I give you some ways to brainstorm that.

How to Find a Million Person (aka, read: BIG) Problem

By the way, if you DON’T want to go BIG, no worries – you can still just teach the same old thing others are teaching, build a tribe of a few hundred people that just like to learn from YOU – and make a good living with a small membership. But I created this for people who want to go BIG!

Lesson 3: The Disruption in Your Niche Training
Lesson 5: How to Find or Create the Solution to the Million Person Problem so You Can Scale
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