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Finalize the Topic You are Going to Teach

One of the biggest mistakes I see in folks trying to build their info-business from scratch is trying to start before they know what they are going to teach.

That would be like signing a lease to open a retail store when you don’t know if you are going to sell pizza, coffee, or clothes!

One of the most important things you can do in your business is know what you are going to teach!

Are you going to go broad (teach everything in your topic) or go narrow (teach one small part of your topic at a deep level)?

You have to make these decisions before you can even buy your domain name!

Of course, perhaps you already have . . . but take the time now to solidify your purpose in your teaching.

Use these questions to help yourself probe:

What is the single biggest thing you can do right now to change people’s lives?

What is the biggest thing folks are missing in your topic?

If you were to spend 30 days working on one idea, one concept, one way to change lives, what do you want that to be?

How can you best change lives?

Would you prefer to have a broad website that teaches everything in your topic (but perhaps at a more general level, although over time you can go as deep as you want)

or do you want to have a business that specialized – and positions YOU as the expert in your topic – in area of your topic where you offer unprecedented depth of training in that part of your topic?

This may take several days to solidify – but stick with it until you have a solid decision on your topic!


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