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Get Started Building Info Business

Congratulations for starting to build your info business.

We’ll work quickly, concisely, and much of what we do will dovetail together after about 10 days.

To start, open a new Word or Pages doc.

Write your name at the top.

Then write the date beneath your name.

The beneath your name, write the following:

Your niche

What do you teach that changes lives?

How do you change lives?

What is the single biggest thing you teach that people know you for (or that you want them to know you for)

What do you already have in place in your business (products, articles, videos, etc)?

What is your greatest weakness (the biggest thing that holds you back from achieving success online)?

What are the 3 biggest reasons you chose to do this with me?

How many hours are you willing to work per day?


That will become your working document for the process of building your info business, and you’ll be able to track your success on that document as you work along.

Each days’ assignment you’ll add it to that page, and at the end of the build info business lessons, you’ll have everything on that doc as a master document (in addition to the products, articles, videos, etc, that you create)

I’m excited about working with you, and want to see this as the foundation for your future online success!

Sean Mize

Finalize the Topic You are Going to Teach
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