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Outlining the Work of the 3 Core Components of Your Blueprint

Now, I’ve made it clear there are 3 core parts to your business:

Each day, each week, you’ll do these 3 things:

  1. Write or record content that becomes your products (book chapters, 1 hour audios, videos, etc) and write sales letters that tell people who need your training why they should buy, and ask them to buy if they want to make that change in their lives.
  2. Write or record a daily email to send to your list (so that they trust you, they follow you, they want to learn more, you change their lives, and so on)
  3. Write or record content that serves to attract folks to your website so that they can become subscribers, get your daily email, and a percentage of them (5-10% or maybe a little more) will buy your trainings, enroll in your memberships, enroll in coaching, etc.)

Perhaps you will add one more thing that you believe is important to you and your unique business. And that’s okay, as long as it doesn’t supplant or replace the above 3 steps.

And it’s okay as long as you don’t add 20 “one more things” and then try to do it all.

Cause when you try to do it all, you do . . . nothing.

Ever experienced that?

I have!

If I have a list of 20 things to do, I either finish none of them or I finish the 17 least important things, and leave the 3 most important things undone.

Then tomorrow I do the next 17 least important things . . . and you get the drift: I NEVER get the important things done.

So . . . 3 things.

Now you have to start doing these 3 things.

Sometimes folks ask, which do I start with?

The problem is, I could make a logical case for starting with either of the 3.

But it really doesn’t matter, and here’s why: If you don’t do all 3, you have nothing.

If you have products and a daily email, but don’t attract people to your site, you don’t have a business.

If you attract folks to your site and write a daily email but don’t create anything to teach and to sell . . .you don’t have a business.

And if you attract folks to your site, create great products – but don’t write a daily email then the folks on your list don’t trust you cause they don’t know you so they don’t buy your products – so you don’t have a business.

So instead of dictating to you which to do first, I’ve set the lessons for doing each of these steps into separate sections, so that you can choose which to do first.

OR you can do the first lesson on product creation, then the first lesson on attracting folks to your site, then the first lesson on writing a daily email, then the 2nd lesson in each, and so on, until you have all 3 parts of your business operating smoothly.

So all of that to say . . . up until now everything has been quite sequential.

But I fear that if I continue to do that, it won’t feel right to different people . . .so from here on out the parts and the steps/lessons will be in sections based on the task to learn, and you can learn and work on several tasks at once.

But of course you have to know yourself.

If you work better mastering one thing and then moving to the next . . . go ahead!

If you work better doing a little of each thing each day . . .go ahead!

Now, before I throw you to the wolves in grenpico land . . .

You might be asking, what do I think is the best of the 3 to start with and what order do I believe is best.

So I’ll tell you.

But just know that you don’t have to do it this way.

I just think it’s logical to do it this way!

So like I said, you can do it in any order you want.

Products –> Emails –> People

Or Emails –> Products –> People

But the order I believe works best is this (and it’s the way I’ve always been successful):

People –> Emails –> Products


Here’s why:

Why create products until you know what the exact people on your list need and will buy?

If you create products first then you have to hunt for the exact people who want THAT product.

But if you start with the people, find out what they need and want, then you can create EXACTLY what they want.

So . . .start with attracting people to your website, and ask them to join your list by using a squeeze page (if you don’t know what a squeeze page is, that’s okay – it’s one of the “choice” lessons ahead! )

Once they join your list, write them a daily email so that:

  1. They get to know you so that
  2. They begin to trust you so that
  3. You can ask them what they need so that
  4. You can create what they need so that
  5. You can change their lives when they
  6. Buy your training that you create that is what they need

Then once you are writing a daily email, you then ask them what they need and want (I’ll show you how in a future lesson) and then you create products based on what they need and want!

So now it’s time for you to go back to the lessons, and pick what you’ll work on next!

But don’t allow this shift from dictating your lesson order to you having more choice to allow you to stop being focused!

Whatever you choose, do it fully!


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