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The Math and the Money of Your Blueprint

So far, we’ve dug into the mental psychology needed to stay motivated when things get tough in your business – really digging into changing lives first, then making money second (and as a result, making much MORE money!)

So . . . change lives first, make money second.

Now, you are ready for the Blueprint.

Now, what I am going to show you on this page is the numbers, the statistical formula, the “math” so to speak of the formula, the Blueprint.

But it’s all driven by the content you create the change lives.

You create content that changes 100% of the lives on your list.

And you create more content that changes 10% of the lives on your list (and they pay you for it)

But the foundation – the core – of the entire model is NOT the numbers, the math, it’s changing the lives FIRST.

Then charging about 10% for more.

That’s it.

So here are some numbers.

And by the way, I’m going to show you how to hit these numbers.

Much of it will be counter-intuitive to what you’ve learned in the past.


It might challenge your thinking a bit.

But when you implement it – it works!

500 new subscribers per month

10% buy your entry level $10 item = 50 buyers at $10 = $500

3% enroll in your membership at $37 a month = 15 new members at $37 a month –

the key here is that after 4 months you have 60 members at $37 a month = $2000 a month

That gets us to $2500 a month.

Now, here’s what gets interesting.

The 10% buyers we mentioned a few lines above are first – time sales.

Once folks are on your list, they will continue to buy from you.

Your first sale to them is $10.

But as you are creating one new training each week, you will be creating combination packages of training that you can sell for $37 – $97 or more.

And a percentage of folks on your list will buy those products.

After 4 months at 5o0 new subscribers each month, you’ll have about 2000 subscribers.

And each time you release one of these bigger packages, about 1% tend to buy them.

So about 20 buyers at $37 – $97.

If it’s a $37 package, that’s about $740

And if it’s a $97 package, it’s about $2000

Month in, month out.

And finally, there’s a coaching program.

I highly recommend a coaching program, somewhere you can personally help maybe 10 people personally.

Perhaps $100 a month, 10 clients = $1000 a month.

Let’s add it all up:

50 sales times $10 – $500

60 members at $37 a month = $2000

20 sales at $37 – $97 = $740 – $2000

10 clients at $100 = $1000

Now, you can add to this by selling a $10 item each month additionally.

Or doing a $97 product every month.


You’ll see when you add the numbers up, the low end is $4240 (not quite $5k)

and the high end is $5500

And that’s just after the first full 4 months at 500 subscribers and your product line.

Now, the key thing I want you to see here is the simplicity.

No upsells, crosssells, downsells, confusing packages.

It doesn’t require confusing software or technical experience.

EVERYTHING can be delivered using a simple wordpress site with a simple membership plugin.

And you can see how easy it is to scale: add another product to your funnel, release 2 new products a month instead of 1, make a goal of 100 members at $37 a month instead of 60, have 20 clients instead of 10.

But the initial iteration – the one you can personally easily get to in a few months is this:

50 sales times $10 – $500

60 members at $37 a month = $2000

20 sales at $37 – $97 = $740 – $2000

10 clients at $100 = $1000

That’s it.


Easy to focus on.

And in the next lessons, I’m going to teach you sequentially how to set this up.

And how you can accomplish all of this by doing just a few simple tasks each day.

Just a few simple tasks, that’s all.

Like a daily schedule.

And when you do these simple 4 or 5 things each day

In a short time, you’ll have this in place:

50 sales times $10 – $500

60 members at $37 a month = $2000

20 sales at $37 – $97 = $740 – $2000

10 clients at $100 = $1000

Are you ready for the next lesson?

I want you to fully immerse your belief system, and see how very simple this model is.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

It should feel really simple right now (even if you don’t know the steps, I am going to show them to you in the following lessons over the next month!)

Are you ready?

Are you ready to changeĀ  lives first, and then layer on 3 levels of products so that you can get to an initial level of $5k a month?

(By the way, this can be an initial level. Once you hit that level, you can scale to . . . whatever your heart desires!)


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