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Introduction to Achieving Your Goal

Over the course of these lessons, you will sequentially discover, learn, implement, explore, and internalize the specific steps that are necessary to achieve your Big Goal.

You see, in order to achieve your Big Goal (or any goal), there are specific steps that have to happen, and when any one is missing, you don’t achieve the goal.

You might be working hard, it feels like you are doing everything right, but if you miss just one thing, you have missed out, and you don’t achieve your goal.

So the way this training is designed is that we will sequentially go through every specific thing you need to implement to achieve your goal.

It won’t always be easy, but don’t jump ahead!

Each piece is critical for your end-result: the achievement of your goals.

And to make this experience different than perhaps in the past when you’ve set goals and for some reason don’t achieve them, you must go through each required step.

The good news is that as you go through these steps, you’ll see that they are intuitive and that you can instinctively internalize them so that in the future you’ll be able to go through them more easily for future goals!

Goals Need a System to Become Realized
Why You Have to Set a Concrete Goal
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