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Goals Need a System to Become Realized

Goal Power  is an entirely new concept in achieving your goals. Instead of setting a goal, then trying to do the things to get to it, and in the process getting overwhelmed, losing focus, and getting distracted Goal Power “gets” that achieving your goal ISN’T easy. It isn’t pie in the sky, and it isn’t…

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Introduction to Achieving Your Goal

Over the course of these lessons, you will sequentially discover, learn, implement, explore, and internalize the specific steps that are necessary to achieve your Big Goal. You see, in order to achieve your Big Goal (or any goal), there are specific steps that have to happen, and when any one is missing, you don’t achieve…

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Why You Have to Set a Concrete Goal

You need a systematic approach to achieving your goal because your mind doesn’t just jump to your goal with a system. For example, if you tell your mind, optimize for a good day, it doesn’t know what you mean by a good day. But if you tell your mind, I want to have a good…

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The Purpose of the Process and the Daily Schedule

Once you have your concrete goal defined (which we’ll get to later, don’t rush ahead yet, I know you are excited!!), then in order to achieve it you have to have a systematized process for achieving it. Just like if you were to build a new house, you can just set the goal as a…

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The Order of Operations for Achieving Your Goal

For this lesson, I’ll keep it short so we can get started on doing the actual work quickly. But I really want you to know where this is all going as you are going through it. I’ve shared with you the importance of the process and the daily schedule, so you know what you have…

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What is your Big Goal?

So let’s get started! Take out a sheet of paper and write down your Big Goal. Be sure it is quantifiable and real, such as “I want to build a business teaching (what you teach) to 100 clients a month who pay $70 each month for that teaching, and I teach via writing, audio, and…

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