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The Purpose of the Process and the Daily Schedule

Once you have your concrete goal defined (which we’ll get to later, don’t rush ahead yet, I know you are excited!!), then in order to achieve it you have to have a systematized process for achieving it.

Just like if you were to build a new house, you can just set the goal as a 2000 square foot house with red walls and big windows.

If all you do is have the quantifiable goal, you’ll just dream about it for years.

In order to have the house, you have to build it.

And to build it you have to have a process.

Dig the foundation.

Pour the foundation.

Let it dry.

Let it cure.

Frame the walls.

Add a roof.

Cover the walls.

Hang the doors.

Hang the windows.

Paint the house.

Install electric.

Put in plumbing.

And so on.

And all of that in a specific order or it won’t work (if you cover the walls before putting in the plumbing, it won’t work).

The same thing is the case with achieving your goal.

You must have a process to follow.

And once you have a process to follow you must give yourself a daily schedule for following that process.

Just as with building a house, you schedule the foundation folks before the plumbing folks before the wall folks before the roof folks, you have to sequentially achieve your goal in the same way.

And you need that daily schedule.

And as you guessed . . . you’ll be creating a daily schedule soon!

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