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Why You Have to Set a Concrete Goal

You need a systematic approach to achieving your goal because your mind doesn’t just jump to your goal with a system.

For example, if you tell your mind, optimize for a good day, it doesn’t know what you mean by a good day. But if you tell your mind, I want to have a good day, and a good day for me today means I will be kind to my family, I will work for 6 hours and I will play for 2 hours . . . you can tell your mind, here is the goal: be kind, schedule 6 hours to work and let’s play for 2 hours and you can probably do it. But just saying “have a good day” doesn’t work!

Same thing in your business, for example. If you tell your mind, “in one year I want to be making $7000  a month”, your mind cannot understand that. It can’t do anything towards that. It spends the next year thinking about $7000, but not doing anything concrete to get to that place.

But if can tell your mind, “I want to get to $7000 a month, and to do that, I need to have 100 clients who each pay me $70 per month in exchange for me teaching them (what you teach) and I am going to deliver that teaching via audio or video or written material” – NOW your mind has something concrete to grasp and hold onto and set as a future place to go.

It starts looking for ways you can get to 100 clients.

You can start looking for ways you can get to 100 clients.

You start thinking thoughts like, how many subscribers do I need to get 1 client?

How many articles or videos or posts do I need to get 1 subscriber?

How many to get 100 subscribers?

How many to get 100 clients?

And so on.

So in order for you to achieve your goal, it must first be a concrete goal, with a quantifiable (and brain-understandable) set of measurable final results that indicate the goal has been accomplished.

And over the course of these lessons, I’ll show you how to set a quantifiable goal so that your mind can understand it!

And by the way, I probably won’t talk much about  your “mind” from here on out. It sounds and feels weird to me. BUT . . . I felt it was important to give you this background on *why* you need a concrete, quantifiable goal so that you can accomplish it!

Introduction to Achieving Your Goal
The Purpose of the Process and the Daily Schedule
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  1. Bruce Hoag PhD on November 3, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    I appreciate what you have to say about the mind. 🙂

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