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Scott Hogue

Everything you say and propose sounds good and we surely seem to be building and on the right track.

If I might throw an idea out there for consideration and some reworking, even rejecting.

All learning without action is at best a form of entertainment. To reach our goals there must be action. I am thinking about action groups.

There are going to be people joining here at different times and will take different amounts of time here to be ready to start.

Some aren’t coming to go through the Sean Steps, they already started with Sean or you offer something that they found they need and that is fine and they bring experience and knowledge to our community.

I am thinking out loud that we might want a place for the “Group Going Through The Sean Steps of the month”

So if three people now are ready to go through your training and steps this month, they are in the November 2017 group, an open group anyone can watch an even post on, but the focus is on people going through that month.
Next month a few more people join, a few more have looked over the training and posts and they are ready and we have a December 2017 group going through.

After a number of months, the posts from the groups would almost make a course on going through the steps with Sean.

When we do training in our services business and hire people we have quarterly boot camps. We want all in this quarter’s group to be able to do abc and 123, so we focus on abc and 123, then we turn them loose in the world and prepare for the next boot camp to get those people to do abc and 123.

It is a bit of a vague idea, but I am putting it out for consideration. Some way for like minded people with like goals to start together and go through together. Action Groups.

In any case, we are doing really well and just starting,

Scott Hogue CChH

Scott Hogue CChH
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The thread on this group that explains it:

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