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Scott Hogue

Thanks for your response.

I have several websites that are on different topics. Even though they are different topics, there is easily some overlap in the interest of people as you teach in your training. I might be interested in gardening, but also in healthy diets for example. In your training I think I heard for an example you say Divorced men, Divorced women, pastors, millennials, all might be interested in finding purpose, meaning and spiritual direction in their lives.

You also said something like since some topics appeal to hundreds of millions of people you could advertise just about anywhere and hit those markets.

So the question is, how can I send traffic from one website, say the money website or the health website, to the coaching website? That way it would be like putting ads on other people’s websites, but for people that already know me and at no cost.

I could send emails on the money list that promote the health list and website, but people that come to the money site and didn’t take action, might actually find the health offer or website more of interest to them.

So the purpose is traffic and of course first to help them and then to sell them something that will help them in a deeper way and provide income to keep the message going by funding me.

I figure with your experience you can shed more light on how this might work.

Scott Hogue CChH

Scott Hogue CChH
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The thread on this group that explains it:

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