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Scott Hogue

Who said retirement can’t be fun? 😀

I plan on doing some of the things I am doing as long as I live or can, but others I would quit today if I could.

The problem now is most of the money would stop if I quit them and it would be less than I want to live on and fund my Church charities with.

After a few family and personal tragedies, I am not rich anymore, financially comfortable, but not financially rich anymore.

After the tragedies I realize that you don’t know how much money you will need.

You don’t know when a drunk driver will hit your family and spend over half a million of your money over a 2 second car wreck. I didn’t know life flights are $30,000 each and there is no volume discount. You don’t know when a surgeon will have a bad day and you can’t work for over a year or a family member will come down with cancer and the uncovered expenses are hundreds of thousands. You don’t know how much money your grandchild with a birth defect will need or your widowed mother will need for medical care. You don’t know when an insurance company will cancel you or say you reached your lifetime benefit cap.

They are worth so much more than the money, but if I hadn’t had the money, they would have got the best care charity could provide, not the best care money could provide and that can be a life and death difference.

So I am working on being rich again.

Some things I would do until I can’t, but I would retire the others and raise the grandchildren and call it playing with them.

I keep hearing I am not playing enough Minecraft… I would fix that.

Scott Hogue CChH

Scott Hogue CChH
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