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Scott Hogue

Follow Up

I couldn’t stand it this morning, I had to call Skyler.

Skyler I know you do this and the team does it all day and I guess it gets old, I don’t want to bother you, but I just wanted to call and tell you, I know it is a team and you have a big part and others that work with Dr. Wang too, but he nailed it. My eye started coming back on line Thanksgiving and last night I could see the detail on the moon. I can see the seams in the siding on my neighbors houses and read the for sale sign across the road. No halos, no unusual glare. I can see like I did thirty years ago. Clocks, license plates, from eight feet on I have it. I have a far eye to go with my near eye now like we wanted. Would you pass that on?

Her reply: “Wow Scott, I am so happy, are you kidding bother me, we live for this! I try to work through problems for people all day and its Monday and we are starting all over again as people try to get in before Christmas and the end of the year and I get a good news call! I will take calls like this all day! That is wonderful! I am so happy!… Now we will see you the 11th for the second procedure on your right eye, if anything changes let me know, you have your medications and your list…..(She had my chart and went right back to being Skyler and I am laughing out loud.)

Obsession! I think it is catching!


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