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My Quote For Today


Scott Hogue

My Quote For Today

The Sean Mize quote I am thinking of today is “Anyone Can Coach.”
It is more than the title to a book.

I read an article earlier this year where that “Primary Skills Coaches” start out at $50-$55k and went up for an annual salary.

What is a Primary Skills Coach? Someone that goes to your child’s daycare and teaches them to tie their shoes.
Yes, we have shoe tying coaches.
They also will teach your child colors and their left from right and I am sure a few other things.

If there are shoe tying coaches, isn’t there something you can coach on?

I teach that if you don’t have skills or special knowledge (like how to tie shoes?) that if you have an interest in something that is of value.
My daughter had an interest in the medical field and she turned that into skills and a job as a clinical coordinator with a major medical provider.

So if there isn’t something you can coach (come on, can you tie shoes and water plants?) there is some interest you have you can apply and get skills.

What Sean Mize quote is on your mind today?

Scott Hogue CChH
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