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Update – Thursday


Scott Hogue

Update – Thursday

Trying to steal some time to work on the platform. I have a busy day with my other businesses.

Added search to the home page.

Added forums through the forum button.

Posted a little on the forum page.

Running up on which came first the chicken or the egg problems.

Just picking something and doing it, it all has to work for it to work.

I am making notes of your suggestions here, but it may be a while before I can implement them. I have to get it up and running, do the back work, gather together some products to sell, that sort of thing. I will make improvements to the structure as I go.

For now getting content up is the main focus, then we can work out the rest.

I have to go work in town for a few and when I am back I hope to try some laptop audio recording Sean Mize style.

It is a big thing to fire up the studio down stairs and then do a lot of editing, so I am going to try the laptop method to get some quick audio, but I was in radio and if it doesn’t pass my quality control it is fire up the studio time.

Thanks to all!

Scott Hogue CChH
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