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Benefits of having many mentors?

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    Remcy Mongrue

    I still remember when I got my first creative Idea from Sean 2 years ago.
    Since then I have been working with 2 other mentors, one that specializes in copy writing and another who is an executive leadership coach.

    I suppose my question is what do you guys think of having multiple mentors? Not at the same time of course but let’s say like one a year or something and keeping it small. Currently I have 3 mentors including Sean.
    The benefits as far as I see are having different points of view to draw on and i can give you a great example of it.
    The copy writing mentor has great lessons on writing copy that is psychologically persuasive
    Sean Mize has a program which I still consider his best (45 days to 100K) where he teaches his clients how to write but it’s more from the heart
    i can see the difference between their writing styles just by looking at it. This would give me an advantage when it comes to how I want to sell a product and also which product I want to sell. For instance if I were looking to sell a high ticket item ($699) I would use my copy writing mentors method and vice versa for a product I consider more from the heart that can help everyone.
    Anyway that’s just my thoughts on it. what do you think?

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    Bruce Hoag

    Unless they are mentoring you on different things, in my opinion you should only have one at a time.

    That’s because each will have their own ideas and style.

    If you’re using two, for example, then the ideas could be contradictory.

    That’s because no one has a corner on good ideas, and there are many ways to get the same results.

    The key is to find someone who respects you, shares your goals, recognizes what you’re capable of, and who will stretch you.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
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    Scott Hogue

    I currently have two “Coaches” they cover different areas of my life/business.

    You wouldn’t go to a doctor to have your tooth pulled or a dentist for tax information.

    I think as long as they cover different areas you are ok.

    Just think how confused you would be if you went to a half dozen doctors with your symptoms.

    As a Strategic Life Coach, I have to have at least one coach or I am a hypocrite.

    Not every professional you work with has to be called a coach.

    So, as many as you need to cover all of your bases, but don’t overlap.

    Scott Hogue CChH

    Scott Hogue CChH
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    The thread on this group that explains it:

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    Tina Fletcher

    I think having mentors are a must, whether you are learning from their products, books or courses or having one on one time with them. They help with guidance and clarity.
    The benefits of having many mentors is learning different things from different people, giving you more scope to create your own opinion. The only time this can become an issue is if two of your mentors are teaching you the same thing and giving you totally different information, but if you are aware of this and can take that information, process it and take action then awesome.

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    Bruce Hoag

    You also have to ask yourself if you have the time to work on more things than the one mentor is giving you to do.

    That you’re in this Community tells me that you probably don’t.

    So what Sean tells you to do, and then when you are making $10K consistently, then maybe you can think about getting other help.

    The thing is that switching mentors or getting another one usually isn’t necessary unless you’re not getting the results you want by doing exactly what the one you have has told you to do.

    And getting a new or additional mentor can be just another BSO, in other words.

    Bruce Hoag PhD
    The Internet Marketing Psychologist
    The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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      Malik Ahmad

      I agree one mentor at a time. You should only focus on one business/goal.

      If you have two or more people in your ear, then your time will be split among your mentors/projects. Meaning you will be less productive.

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      Bruce Hoag

      I used to take a great deal of interest in having a beautiful flower garden and grass.

      I asked an expert one time how to deal with a poor quality lawn.

      He said you should tackle one problem at a time.

      If you’re tackling the moss, then leave everything else until it clears up.

      If you’re concerned about weeds, then focus on that.

      It was good advice for gardens, and it’s good advice for business, too.

      Bruce Hoag PhD
      The Internet Marketing Psychologist
      The Mindful Writer - for deep and persuasive copy

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